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Twinned tickets (Tickets Jumelés)

priced according to offer

Tickets to go and discover the leisure facilities accessible by public transport

TCL+ Parc France Aventures: 

  • "Children" age 4 to 11: 16€* for 2 hours of enjoyment on the yellow or blue itineraries   
  • Students and under 18s: 20€* for 2 itineraries of their choice  
  • Adult: 23€* for 2 itineraries of their choice

TCL+ Musée de la Miniature :   

  • Children age 4 to 15: 6.5€*    
  • Adult: 9€*

TCL+ Musée Institut Lumière: 

  • Under 18, students and large families: 7€*
  • Adult: 8€*

*The prices specified will likely be modified in 2017.

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